Has Your colleagues got total power of Your hard disc in Windows 2000
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System demands

The program

User license





·    Enumerates all Windows 2000 computers on Your Domain

·    Reports the computers, where You do have total power


System demands:



·    Client computers: Windows 2000 running loginscripts on NT4.0-Server
(User Manager For Domains).

·    Access to Internet (update control)


The program:



If Your IT-systemadministrator earlier decided to make all users member of the Local Administrators Group on their Windows 2000 client-computer, because they must be able to install programs, Your company have a great security-hole, if it’s done with Global Domain Groups as member of the Local Administrators group:

You have the ability to manage everything on the hard disk on all

Your colleguage’s Windows 2000 client-computers on Your Network System, with out giving any warnings to the other users.


This program discovers, if You have the problem.


User License:

The first 90 days:


All functions

 After 90 days:



All functions

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