W2kTotalPodwerWhere - version 1.0.2
Has Your colleagues got total power of Your hard disc in Windows 2000



Double-click on SETUP.EXE below:



You have to choose Save this program to disk, when You Ö


Download W2kTotalPowerWhere.exe 779 KB
(Tool to test if You got Total Admin Power on Your colleagues computers)

(Version 1.0.2 released March 2, 2003 - without error 1400)



When You double-click on the download-files above, You will see the File Download message:


IMPORTANT:  If You choose Run this program from its current location, the installation tries to start, but You will get an error message, because Setup.exe tries to unpack 4 files in the folder on Your hard disc, where Setup.exe is saved. And because Setup.exe isnít saved in an folder, You will get the error message:



 You have to choose Save this program to disk:




You can choose to scan W2kTotalPowerWhere.exe for virus, but TryWareDk has done this for You.





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w2k local admin group windows 2000 permissions


local admin group W2k: Your colleague's got total power of Your pc from his own computer on Your corporate Network: Read TryWareDk's Website - Microsoft Windows 2000 HTML Securityhole Member Local Administrators Group Hotfix Admin Admins Administrator Groups Members Security Office program programs software freeware shareware Outlook Distributionsliste Email Adressbook Adressebog Mandatberegning

event eventlog intranet event-id event-source applications system security  error warning information










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