ConfigurationRules for LocalGroups on Windows 2000 client computers
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Download and installation

Start the program

Installation of license




Download and installation:


1.          Invoke Explorer

2.          Make a folder on drive C: ex. C:\Download

3.          Invoke Your browser, ex. Microsoft Internet Explorer

4.          Choose http://www.TryWare.dk/English/Download/W2kLocalGroupPolicy/Setup.exe

5.          Choose Save as

6.          Choose the folder from Explorer, according to nr. 2 above, and press ENTER.

7.          Choose Explorer

8.          Choose the folder according to nr. 2 above

9.          Double-click Setup.exe

10.      Press ENTER to installation message

11.     Please choose to install the program on Your hard disk (not a server).

12.      Input X to Your wishes, and press ENTER.




Start the program:



1.          Invoke Explorer

2.          Choose the folder C:\TryWareDk\W2kLocalGroupPolicy

3.          Double-click W2kLocalGroupPolicy.exe

4.          Choose Free trial (unless You purchased a license)



       --- The following nr. 5 – 26 must be done (only once) after Setup.exe ---


5.        Press ENTER, and according to Your systems language-settings …

6.        Select the Global Domain Users Group

7.        Select the Global Domain Admins Group

8.        Select the Local Administrator user

9.        Select the Local Administrators group

10.    Press ENTER.

If this is Your 2. install (on another computer) You can later join Your new install with the old log-files.

11.    Choose the Domain where Your clients run their LoginScript.

12.    Choose a W2k- or NT40-server in the above Domain, where Your want the log-files.

13.    Press ENTER.

Don’t install anything on Your servers drive C:

If drive C: runs full, it could destroy Your server.

14.    Choose a drive for the log-files:

Calculate 25 KB for each client multiplied with number of activated Local Groups, plus 5 MB for system-files.

15.    Choose No, and press ENTER.
If this is Your 2. install (on another computer) You can join Your new install with the old log-files by choosing Yes

16.    Press ENTER


17.    Choose No, and press ENTER

18.    Default is Yes to all NR-Configura-tionRules, but …

Choose No to
(7-NR) and (8-NR)

Input Your Phone Number. It will be shown on any error-messages to Your users.

Consider only to use NR-Rules.

We recommend using (1-LR) as the only LR-Rule, and no HR-Rules.

Press ENTER to activate Configu-rationRules for the
Local Admins Group.

19.    Choose Yes, and press ENTER.

20.    The Global Domain Admins Group and Global Domain Users Group are the only one, that can have NTFS-rights in the log-files path.

21.    You must remove the other users or groups manually on the Server:

On the Servers console invoke Explorer.

Choose drive E:
Choose  Data
Choose LoginScript
Choose Properties
Choose Security
Remove the user or Group from nr. 20
Press only ENTER if it looks like this, and run nr. 17 – 20 again.

22.    Input password for Your Global Domain Administrator

Don’t worry, its encrypted in the system.

23.    Press ENTER

24.    Input password for Your Local Administrator on Your W2K-client computers.

Don’t worry, its encrypted in the system.

25.    Retype.


























26.    Congratulations – You have now activated the ConfigurationRules.

But it doesn’t work before Your users are running W2kLocalGroupRights.exe in their LoginScript, and that You’ve input something in the ConfigurationFiles


IMPORTANT: You only have to do this (nr. 5-26) again, if You change Your Global Domain Administrators password.




Installation of a license:



1.      Invoke Explorer

2.      Choose the folder C:\TryWareDk\W2kLocalGroupPolicy

3.      Double-click W2kLocalGroupPolicy.exe

4.      Choose Input License number

5.      Input the license number You got from email, when You purchased the license.

6.      Input the Company name You got from email, when You purchased the license.

7.      Press ENTER

8.      Please wait som minutes when nr. 5 and 6 are controlled.


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