ConfigurationRules for LocalGroups on Windows 2000/XP client computers
Errors and Version Releases


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If You can’t fix the error YourSelf:

Send an email to Error@TryWare.dk, and attach all the @xxxxxxx.log-files in C:\Temp and the install-folder.

Add an exact description of the workflow, what You did, and in which order, You did it. Try to describe, what You did, to fix the error, and what You think, can cause the error.

:o) The more You describe the better we can help.



Invalid GroupName (561) Local GroupName Administrators doesn’t exist!
As informed in Productsheet and Readme.txt all the W2k-client computers must have the same language-version as input in W2kLocalGroupPolicy.exe, when run the first time.


Unable to access (524) – Primary DomainServer not found:

As it says, the W2k-client computer running W2kLocalGroupRights.exe in LoginScript could not access Primary Domain Server.
Could be temporary loss of bandwidth, or “loss” of server.

Probably no problem at next login.


Variable could not be converted to valid number:

Happens if You press ESCAPE to License-Message the first time You run W2kLocalGroupPolicy.exe after You run Setup.exe

How to solve the problem:

Run UnInstall.exe

Run Setup.exe




Error enumerating servers
Error at ProgramLine 329
sDomains = wntServerList(sPdc,"",-2147483648)

Happens if your Primary Domain Server is “out of physical available memory”. To find out:

1.        Start Taskmanager

2.        Choose Performance

3.        Look at Physical Memory (K)

4.        Look at Available


If it’s near or below 20000 you’ve got a serious memory problem with your server, and should immediately add more RAM.



W2kLocalMembers.exe is missing on servershare.

Download version 1.0.3




Happens if You install W2kLocalGroupPolicy.exe on everything else than a W2k-workstation.


22002 – 22010



Invalid NTFS- or SHARE-permissions on folder:
When creating subfolders on Windows 2000-servers, the subfolders automatically have inheritable permissions that We can’t override programmatically.
Therefore You must manually change the permissions according to the ErrorNumber:


1.      Invoke Explorer

2.      Find the folder according to the ErrorNumber

3.      Right-click the folder

4.      Choose Properties

5.      If errors with NTFS:

a.   Choose Security

b.   Disable Allow inheritable permissions from parent to propagate to this object

c.   Choose Copy

6.      If errors with SHARE:

a.    Choose Sharing

b.    Choose Permissions

7.      Add or Remove the Name, and set the relevant Permissions according to the ErrorNumber

8.      Choose Apply


(1-LR) –




1 of 9 times the ConfigFiles were write protected

It’s about the files £ComputerName-DomainUser*.txt
and £ComputerName-LocalUser*.txt

Download version 1.0.1





This is license-control


You have to permit it, otherwise You can’t run W2kLocalGroupPolicy.exe




DLL File not found in path. Either incorrect compile option used, or system/file server setup incorrect:

Run the other exe-files in the log-path on the server.

Only use W2kLocalGroupPolicy.exe in the install-path choosed when running Setup.exe
Running W2kLocalGroupPolicy.exe in the install-path, You are prompted to choose a log-file path on a server, where wbdci34i.dll and all the exe-files automatically are created.







Contains / Fixes:

BETA-0.9.0  20021101



·         First BETA-version


BETA-0.9.5 20021110



·         UnInstall shown in Control Panel


BETA-0.9.6 20021206



·         DialogBox: Iconized program missing

·         Email to customer: TryWareDk-logo missing

·         Install: *.dll missing and upgrade of *.exe missing

·         ItemBox: Check for inputting nothing, or Cancel

·         License: Number of licenses wrong, when re-installing

·         Log-file: Now showing if Local Administrators password isn't changed

·         Log-file: Now showing users not matching ConfigurationRules

·         Log-file: Now showing WHY user matches ConfigurationRules

·         MessageBox: ConfigurationRules OK moved to Notepad

·         MessageBox: Error 11008 - Cancel before ConfigurationRules

·         MessageBox: Local Passwords moved to Notepad

·         MessageBox: Text enhanced

·         Password/W2kLocalPassword.exe: Parsing ComputerName

·         Removing users: Not known in UserManagerForDomains anymore.

·         Report: MembersOfLocalAdmingroup: Error 13052 - Users Not granted rights

·         Report: MembersOfLocalAdmingroup: Removed BEEP at each computer



BETA-0.9.7 20021207


·         ConfigRule: DomainUsers using ComputerNames in £"Computer"-DomainUserYes.txt

·         ConfigRule: DomainUsers using ComputerNames in £"Computer"-DomainUserNo.txt


Version 1.0.0 20030115



·         ConfigRule: Local Users using ComputerNames in £"Computer"-LocalUserYes.txt

·         ConfigRule: Local Users using ComputerNames in £"Computer"-LocalUserNo.txt

·         MessageBox: Warning about No/Low/High security risk

·         Report: MembersOfLocalAdmingroup = W2kLocalMembers.exe

·         Report: Computerlist with ConfigurationRules 1-LR, l-NR, 2-LR and 2-NR

·         Report: W2kLastReboot.exe - Error in count between years

·         Report: Recommend Courier 10 in Notepad

·         SystemFile: Removing old DLL-files when creating new DLL-files


Version 1.0.1




·         ConfigRule: Files were write-protected 1 of 9 times

·         Report: Today marked with * in @UsersGranted.txt @UsersNotGranted.txt



Version 1.0.2 20030302


·         DialogBox/W2kLastReboot.exe: Button Remove ComputerNames didn't work at all

·         ErrorHandler: 60 KB code added

·         Install/Setup.exe: Accept only install on Win2K workstations

·         Install: Accept only log-files on a Windows Server with NTFS.

·         Install: ERROR 10526 - Now tells to create share manually

·         Install: Must be GlobalDomainAdmin if LogFiles elsewhere than logon-domain

·         MessageBox/W2kLastReboot.exe: Forgot to choose domain: ERROR 10580 at programline 494

·         MessageBox/W2kLocalMembers.exe: ERROR 23001: W2kLocalGroupPolicy.wbc is missing

·         Report: W2kLastReboot.exe - Unable to mark unwanted computers

·         Running: Accept only use on Win2K workstations

·         Running/W2kLastReboot.exe: Annoying black screens from NET SEND removed

·         Running/W2kLocalGroupRights.exe: Accept only use on Win2K workstations

·         Update: Error in notifying new programversions


Version 1.0.3


·         Allow W2kLocalGroupPolicy.exe running on Windows XP clients and Windows 2003 server


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