Daily control on intranetsite with latest eventlogs without duplicates
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Document updated februar 21, 2005

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System demands

The program

User license





·    Enumerates eventlogs on all Windows 2000/2003 servers on Your Domain

·    Reports on intranet with the events since last run (without duplicates)

·   Links to www.microsoft.com/technet/support and www.eventid.net on each event-id and event-source found

·   Top 5 of duplicates (in eventlogs found)

·   Customize Setup.ini if you want to show Errors, Warnings, Information, AuditSuccess and/or AuditFailure events

·   Customize Setup.ini if you want to show Application, Directory Service, DNS Server, File Replication Service, System and/or Security eventlogs

·   Customize Setup.ini if you want one intranet-report for each server, or one report for all servers

·   Customize Setup.ini if you want an email if something is found since last run

·   Customize Setup.ini to run silent if you want to schedule it to run each day

·   Customize Setup.ini if you want intranet-reports for Windows 2000 or Windows XP workstations

·   Customize Setup.ini intranet-reports to work with your EventID.Net Access License

·   Customize Setup.ini if you want to schedule a task running each day

·    Customize Setup.ini if you want a email-link to your helpdesk-supportcenter on each event in intranet-reportfile.

·    Customize Setup.ini if you want automated backups of your eventlogs

·    Customize Setup.ini if you want to exclude event-id's from the selected events



System demands:



·    Windows 2000/2003 Server

·   or Windows 2000/2003 Advanced Server

·    or Windows 2000 Professional

·    or Windows XP

·    Access to Internet (update control)


The program:



As a domain administrator it's important to check your servers eventlogs daily.

This takes a lot of time, connecting to each server, and browsing Application, Directory Service, DNS Server, File Replication Service, System and/or Security eventlogs, and a lot of them each day, and newer remembering which old eventlogs you already examined.

With this program you can easily schedule a daily intranet-report (html) without duplicates, and only the eventlogs since last scheduled run. It will send you an email with number of logs found since last time, and with a link to your intranet-report.

The intranet-report automatically links to www.microsoft.com/technet/support and www.eventid.net on each event-id and event-source found since last run, and if customized an email-link to your helpdesk-supportcenter.

The reports are placed in subfolders for each year for easy history or deleting old unused logs.


Server License:

The first 90 days:


All functions



After 90 days:



All functions, but only 2 servers, and only with default customize settings.

10 US$

for each server



More than 9 servers:

- 25%

All functions


Inclusive Danish VAT (25% moms):

   2 server license   25,00 US$
   7 server license   87,50 US$
   9 server license  112,50 US$
  10 server license  93,75 US$

100 server license 937,50 US$

Everybody must pay Danish VAT.

VAT-registered non-Danish companies can get the Danish VAT back, if they send this application to:

Told- og Skatteregion Sonderborg

Hilmar Finsens Gade 18

DK-6400 Sonderborg



Exclusive Danish VAT (25% moms):
   2 server license   20,00 US$
   7 server license   70,00 US$
   9 server license  90,00 US$
  10 server license  75,00 US$

100 server license 750,00 US$

You will get the free complete version with all functions, and with no other limits than 9 clients for the first 90 days. After the 90 days You can still use all functions, but are limited to 2 servers.


If You want to expand to all Your servers after the first 90 days, then transfer the license price to:

   “Jorgen Malmgren”, S.W.I.F.T. DABADKKK, IBAN account No. DK3630000005209307

   Danske Bank A/S

   Holmens Kanal 2-12, DK-1092 Copenhagen K



and email us the following information’s:


Number of servers, W2kEventLogReport.exe, Your company name, department name, Address, Post Number and Country.


When the payment and Your email are received, We will email You the license and the license files, which are automatically installed by the self-expanding file.



IMPORTANT: Only for Danish customers:

De kan i stedet for forudbetaling få tilsendt faktura og girokort mod et gebyr på 6 US$, hvis De sender en email med følgende informationer:


Antal servere, W2kEventLogReport.exe, Firmanavn, Afdeling, Adresse, Postnummer, Valuta (US$ eller Dkr), samt Betalingsmetode (Faktura/Forudbetaling).

Danske kunder kan frit vælge imellem følgende:

1.   At betale i US$ jfr. ovenstående priser.

2.   At betale i Dkr. vekslekurs 600,00 for licenser, faktureringsgebyr 40,00 Dkr.

3.   At forudbetale i US$ eller Dkr.


Hvis de vælger (2): At betale i Dkr., så gælder følgende priseksempler:

Exklusiv 25% moms

  10 licenser    450,00 Dkr.

100 licenser 4.500,00 Dkr.


Inklusiv 25% moms
  10 licenser    562,50 Dkr.

100 licenser 5.625,00 Dkr.


Hvis de vælger (3): At forudbetale, så brug et almindeligt girokort til gironummer 5209307


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