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Document updated februar 21, 2005

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Frequently Asked Questions:



A lot of questions about Setup.ini and Servers.ini?


You can read more about it in Step by Step



Can I change the logo on the reports?


Create your on logo 64x150 and save it as: C:\TryWareDk\W2kEventLogReport\W2kEventLogReport.jpg



Can I schedule the report to be created every 1 hour?


There no limits in how you can schedule the reports to be run.

The "built-in scheduler" in setup.ini just asks Windows task scheduler to run it once a day. You can change that with Windows task scheduler, to run it as you like.


Do I have to use W2kEventLogMenu.exe?


No - With W2kEventLogMenu.exe you can change the settings in C:\TryWareDk\W2kEventLogReport\*.ini-files, and start W2kEventLogReport.exe
If you want, you can change C:\TryWareDk\W2kEventLogReport\Setup.ini with notepad.exe, and start C:\TryWareDk\W2kEventLogReport\W2kEventLogReport.exe



How can I schedule the program when using the free trial version?


You can't. The free trial version requires manual selection of "buying license" or "free trial" or "input licensenumber".

You can only schedule the program when purchasing a license, and you can run it silent if you like.



How do I uninstall the program?


Run uninstall from Control Panel, and remove the C:\ProgramFiles\W2kEventLogReport folder on each server.


What does W2kEventLogReport.exe actually do?

The first time W2kEventLogReport.exe runs it automatically uses the browsemaster to find all your servernames, and write them to C:\TryWareDk\W2kEventLogReport\Servers.ini

Every time W2kEventLogReport.exe runs it examines the customized settings in C:\TryWareDk\W2kEventLogReport\Setup.ini and examines the last run time on each server in C:\ProgramFiles\W2kEventLogReport\LastCollect.ini

Then it creates the intranet-reports according to the customized settings in C:\TryWareDk\W2kEventLogReport\Setup.ini

Where should I install the files, when running Setup.exe?


You should install it on one of your Windows 2000 servers in C:\TryWareDk\W2kEventLogReport


You should schedule a task running C:\TryWareDk\W2kEventLogReport\ W2kEventLogReport.exe each day with C:\TryWareDk\W2kEventLogReport\Setup.ini set to run Silent:



The task will automatically be created with:




If you have a drive mapped as H: on your own workstation to a share on your install-server at C:\TryWareDk\W2kEventLogReport, then map the same drive on your install-server and install W2kEventLogReport on the server at H:\, because this will let the UNC-paths on the index-file work both at the server and at the workstation.


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