Daily control on intranetsite with latest eventlogs without duplicates
Errors and Version Releases

Document updated May 21, 2006












If You can’t fix the error YourSelf:

Send an email to Error@TryWare.dk, and attach all the @xxxxxxx.log-files in C:\Temp and the install-folder.

Add an exact description of the workflow, what You did, and in which order, You did it. Try to describe, what You did, to fix the error, and what You think, can cause the error.

:o) The more You describe the better we can help.



Variable could not be converted to string:

Happens if server in servers.ini was removed from network.

How to solve the problem:

1. Remove the server from servers.ini

2. Download version 1.3.1 or higher version



Variable could not be converted to valid number:

Happens if You press ESCAPE to License-Message the first time You run W2kEventLogReport.exe after You run Setup.exe

How to solve the problem:

Run UnInstall.exe

Run Setup.exe



Enabling in Setup.ini, but doesn’t work:

It’s working on some, but not on all servers because using %WINDIR% on installation server instead of searched servers.

How to solve the problem:

1. Download version 1.3.1 or higher version


Frozen when collecting


Maybe your eventlogs are too large:


1.   Start TaskManager.exe on InstallationServer

2.   Kill the process W2kEventLogReport.exe

3.   Manage the last server shown in dialog, when collecting

4.   Open EventLogViewer from ControlPanel

5.   Save a backup of all EventLogTypes

6.   Delete all EventLogTypes


Maybe your eventlogs are corrupted:


1.   Manage the last server shown in dialog, when collecting

2.   Disable the EventLog-service from ControlPanel

3.   Reboot the server

4.   Delete C:\Windows\system32\config\AppEvent.Evt

5.   Delete C:\Windows\system32\config\SecEvent.Evt

6.   Delete C:\Windows\system32\config\SysEvent.Evt

7.   Enable the EventLog-service from ControlPanel


Index- html-file:

Only shows a table for report-files without any links to report-file

If C:\TryWareDk\W2kEventLogReport\Html\ W2kEventLogReport-2004.html shows a table for report-files without any links to report-file, then run W2kEventLogReport.exe one time with the following change in C:\TryWareDk\W2kEventLogReport\Setup.ini




This happens the first time, after upgrading from version 1.0.0 to version 1.0.1 

:o) Sorry


Index- html-file:


Incomplete, without any table for report-file

If C:\TryWareDk\W2kEventLogReport\Html\ W2kEventLogReport-2004.html is incomplete, without any table for report-file, then you probably run W2kEventLog on a computer not connected to a Windows 2000 server network.

Error shown for this in version 1.1.0 




Scheduling Tasks


W2kEventLogReport.exe process runs forever without doing anything



This happens if RunSilent=Enable in Setup.ini and a error occurs, normally producing a messagebox with the error-description. The occurring error could be a server not responding.


Update to version 1.1.0, and use the builtin Task Scheduler. Remember to change Run As to domain administrator and supply with the password in Scheduling Tasks MMC.







Contains / Errors fixed:

Version 1.3.4 20060521



·       Index-file: Fixed ShowOldHtmlLinks if using url in IntranetPath

Version 1.3.3 20060520



·       Email: Error in url fixed when IntranetPath=url in Setup.ini

·       Index-file: Error in W2kEventLogReport.html fixed

·       Menu: OnlyCreateIndexHtml was not working when launched from Menu

·       Report-file: Error in width of type fixed (error /warning /information)

Version 1.3.2


·       ERROR 3052 fixed: Uninitialized variable if server not found

·       Index-file: Error in http-link to Report-file fixed

·       Index-file: W2kEventLogReport.html redirects to current year-index-file

·       Log-File: Wrong filename in copying from BackupEventLogs

·       Report-file: Nothing collected on first run without LastCollect.ini

·       Setup-file: BackupEventLogs not working on all servers according to %WINDIR%

·       Setup-file: Fixed BackupEventLogs: Was not working on all servers

·       WARNING 22009 fixed: Causes program to stop, when server's not responding


Version 1.3.1


·       Error 3052 fixed: Happens if server in servers.ini was removed from network.

·       Report-file: Added type of eventlog to email-message to your supportpartner/helpdesk

·       Report-file: Errors in width of type fixed (error /warning /information)

·       Setup-file: Added comments to exclude unwanted events

·       Setup-file: BackupEventlogs not supported if number accepted

·       Setup-file: Choose C:\TryWareDk\W2kEventLogReport\Backup or C:\WINNT\system32\config\Backup for BackupEventLogs

·       Setup-file: Errormessage if using ; in EmailTo and EmailToCc (not allowed)

·       according to %WINDIR%

·       Setup-file: Only valid ip-number allowed in EmailHost


Version 1.2.0



·       Menu: Exe-file showing/creating ini-files and starting W2kEventLogReport.exe

·       Index-file: Info if new version release is ready to download

·       Report-file: Adding errors if new servers is found or known servers is not responding

·       Report-file: Info if new version release is ready to download

·       Report-file: Link to email-support from your own supportpartner/helpdesk

·       Setup-file: Added eventtype for Audit success

·       Setup-file: Added eventtype for Audit failure

·       Setup-file: Added emailaddress to your own supportpartner/helpdesk

·       Setup-file: Backup and removal of events from %systemroot%\system32\config

·       Setup-file: Errors automatically changed to default settings

·       Setup-file: Exclude unwanted events from Report-file



Version 1.1.0


·       Index-file: Error missing if run on computer not connected to Windows 2000 server(s)

·       Index-file: Heading with period since last run

·       Index-file: Too many CRLF in bottom between eventlogs

·       Ini-file: Error missing if errors occurs when RunSilent=Enable

·       Ini-file: Create AT-job for scheduling exe-file as task

·       Ini-file: Moving syntax-settings from Setup.ini to Setup.txt

·       Ini-file: OnlyCreateIndexHtml Disabled after run with Enabled

·       Report-file: Dateformat changed from DD/MM/YYYY TT:MM:SS to YYYY:MM:DD TT:MM:SS

·       Report-file: Heading with period since last run

·       Report-file: Some </TR> and </TD> missing in html (no effect on output)

·       Report-file: Top 5 of duplicates (in eventlogs found)



Version 1.0.1


·       Index-file: Error in link to Report-file if last server wasn't found

·       Index-file: Error in minutes to create report-files

·       Index-file: Now readable in browser while creating new index-file

·       Ini-file: Added eventlog for Directory Service

·       Ini-file: Added eventlog for DNS Server

·       Ini-file: Added eventlog for File Replication Service

·       Ini-file: MaxEventLogs changed from all servers to AddMoreRam

·       Ini-file: Automatic adding new found servers

·       Ini-file: W2kEventLogReport.ini changed to Setup.ini and Servers.ini                                                                   

·       MsgBox: LinkText divided to 2 lines when OnlyCreateIndexHtml=Enable

·       Report-file: Color for Warnings changed to yellow

·       Report-file: Error if Information=Disable in ini-file

·        Report-file: Error in starttime in buttom of report 

·        Report-file: Width of table changed to 1024



Version 1.0.0 20040705



·       First version




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