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Document created: April 7, 2004
Document updated:
February 7, 2005

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There are thousands of SpyWare-programs out there, but your computer is now searched
automatically for about 240 of them

You should use at least one of each of the following 7 issues:

Protect against:


What is it ???


1.     Virus

2.     SpyWare

3.     Trojans/backdoors

4.     Internet connection

5.     Firewall

6.     Patches/hotfixes

7.     Spam




2.      What is SpyWare ???






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Virus: Malicious programs that harms your computer


You should purchase a good antivirus solution with many updates a week. An old antivirus program without automatic/manual updates doesn't protect you at all.

Also remember to scan your hard drive each month. Maybe you got infected the day before, your update knows about a new virus.

If you are running Windows XP or Me, you should temporarily disable system restore, while removing the malware:

How to Disable the System Restore Configuration User Interface;en-us;283073&Product=winxp

How antivirus software and System Restore work together;en-us;831829&Product=winxp

AVG Anti-Virus 7.0 free edition for home users. Combine it with:

AVG Specialized Utilities for Virus Removal and Handbooks for Manual Virus Removal


Use this free online Trend Housecall scanner to find and clean every known virus/rootkits/backdoors:

If you get's an ActiveX error, when loading the Trend HouseCall scanner:

Some viruses can't be removed by housecall. If so, use the free Trend Micro system cleaner:

If you want to secure your own home computer, consider to purchase Trend PC-cillin with built-in firewall:

If you want to secure your company's workstations, consider to purchase Trend OfficeScan:

If you can afford it, you can get an url-scanning engine installed on a server with workstation, server-, email and url-scanning engine from Trend Micro

Virus Information Alliance (VIA)

Review of the best antivirus solutions:,11066,0-806174-1202-0,00.html?tag=dir-av&pn=1&ob=3&qt=&qn=&F2=0&F3=0&sm=0

SoftScan puts an end to virus and spam threats from the Internet

How to Protect Boot Sector from Viruses in Windows;EN-US;122221



SpyWare: Malicious programs that collects your internet browsing for advertising purposes, and installs lots of garbage programs.

SpyWare is going to be the new great security issue after virus and spam.
The reason is, that many antivirus programs don't remove SpyWare, because some of them are only installed if the user (you) is answering yes to "fantastic free programs" like Hotbar.

What is SpyWare ??? (Screenshot examples included)

After studying all the anti-spyware programs below, I decided to purchase


Pest Patrol





1.      The program is not installed on the computers. Scanning is run or scheduled by a central management console on server. Nothing is visible for the users, and they don't have to start a program to scan their hard disc. A log is saved in the management console, and an email to administrator if nessessary.

2.      Ad-Aware og Spybot are currently the most welknown anti-spyware-programs known on technical communities, but PestPatrol found 4 spyware-programs on my company-computer, after I "cleaned" it with Ad-Aware.


You can use the FREE online pestscan from PestPatrol

Free 30 days Trial License from Pestpatrol



If no result with your first choice, you should try more than one of these programs

Ad-Aware Standard Edition is THE award winning, free, multicomponent AdWare detection and removal utility:

Bazooka AdWare and SpyWare Scanner v1.13.01

Bullet Proof Soft - Spyware Remover

Doxdesk - Automatic check of your browser for parasites, AdWare and SpyWare (about 240)

PCHell removal



SpyFerret detects & removes SpyWare

SpyWareBlaster - Prevent SpyWare from installing in the first place

SpyWareGuard - A real-time protection solution against SpyWare


SpyWareInfo: The SpyWare and hijackware removal specialists

X-Cleaner: Scanning and cleaning functions are ultra-fast

XoftSpy v3.2: The latest and most advanced Spyware detection and removal application on the Internet



Trojans/backdoors: Unwanted access to your computer

Many of them is found and removed by antivirus programs, but if you aren't got your system patched up with latest hotfix, and have installed a firewall, you'll really get in trouble.

List of known Trojan/Backdoors and the TCP/UDP ports on which they operate - portlist

List of known Trojan/Backdoors and the TCP/UDP ports on which they operate

Internet Storm Center - Input port number and press GO

The Distributed Reflection DoS Attack



Internet connection - check security

Are you already in trouble? Didn't you update your firewall and antivirus protection?


PestPatrol free port checker: Find out which ports are used for malware.

CERT Coordination Center: How to recover an already compromised system

HACKYOURSELF scan: TCP Scan (65534 ports),UDP scan (800+ ports), and Netbios Scan

IPEye is a freeware TCP port scanner

Port scan: Get an instant security analysis now. You don't even need to know your own IP address!

Shields UP! quickly checks the SECURITY of YOUR computer's connection to the Internet.

Sygate free scanning your security: quick, stealth, trojan, tcp, udp, icmp

If you DO NOT NEED to share files across the Internet

Security Features of Internet Connection Sharing;en-us;q241570



Firewall: Protect yourself from unwanted use of your internet connection.

With a firewall you are warn, and protected, when unknown/unwanted programs tries to use your internet connection from the outside or from the inside.

BlackICE pc protection and firewall

Cisco PIX 500 Series Firewall - the industry-leading solution

Net Nanny - block porn - purchase it for safety and security for your computer

CC Proxy is an easy-to-use proxy software

Sygate personal firewall - free version

ZoneAlarm firewall - free version

Getting a personal Firewall

Comparative reviews of personal firewall software:

Firewall Product Selector - Choose yourself which one to compare

The Internet Connection Firewall Can Prevent Browsing and File Sharing;en-us;298804



Patches/hotfixes from Microsoft: Lots of security holes fixed each week.

Security holes and fixes are found by Microsoft and others, and Microsoft often solves the problem with patches/hotfixes to the Windows operating system files.

You definitely should install the automatic update feature called SUS.

How to configure and use Automatic Updates in Windows 2000;EN-US;327850

IIS-vulnerability MS03-007:

Here's Microsoft's warning - Impact of vulnerability: RUN CODE OF ATTACKERS CHOICE:

But they only talks about IIS (Internet Information Server). Here some more stuff about this problem:

As you can see, they warn about this for every Windows 2000 workstation and server, even if the don't run IIS. Problem is, that attacker can run code through port 80 that you use to gain access to internet.



Spam: Emails that you don't want to receive

Spam is emails that you don't want to receive, and you don't know why you gets these emails.
About half the emails sent through the internet is spam. Thus spam is very annoying and costs a lot of the bandwidth on the internet

SoftScan puts an end to virus and spam threats from the Internet

Online Resources for Spam Mail Testing and Information;en-us;249266

Beating Messenger Spam


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